Psycho Therapy
Minimum Bid$65.00
On May 19, 2022, Richie Ramone will be performing with the auction winners of the songs below. Place your bid! The highest bidder of each song by the end of day May 8th will get the opportunity to sing their winning song on stage with Richie Ramone at the 2022 Birthday Bash!
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Final Bid$65.00
1 Bid
Auction Ended5/12/2022 3:00pm ET
High Biddermutatedmusicfan27
Psycho Therapy
Winning Bidder Receives
  • The opportunity to perform Psycho Therapy backed by Richie Ramone, Mickey Leigh and Wes Crawford at Heaven Can Wait in New York City on May 19th, 2022 for the Official Annual Joey Ramone Birthday Bash Celebration.
  • An Official Joey Ramone T-ShirtWinning bidders will be asked for shirt size via email upon auction end (5/12/2022 3:00pm ET).
    T-shirt will be provided at the venue the day of the show.
  • One (1) ticket for venue access. Additional tickets to the show can be acquired here.
  • A Memory of a Lifetime
Bidding Tips
  • Don't start with your maximum bid, rather, start with the minimum amount you're willing to pay. When someone outbids you, increase your bid.
  • Never place a bid you're not willing to pay.
Rules and Regulations
  • All winning bids are binding and will be charged upon auction end (5/12/2022 3:00pm ET). The Winning bidder ("Participant/Participants") will be contacted via email to correct information if in the instance of inability to complete transaction. If the error is not resolved, the bid is forfeited, and the runner-up will be auction winner.
  • Songs will be performed as studio versions.
  • Lyrics provided with each auction will be performed as arranged.
  • Information in regards to arrival times and final setlist order will be sent via email within 24-72 hours of the event.
  • Participants are to stay within a designated area on the stage.
  • Designated area available during this performance only, and does not grant access to the stage during any other performance.
  • Participants agree there will be no physical contact with the band.
  • Participants agree to temperature checks.
  • Participants grant the organizers of the event the right to use any and all recorded media for commercial and marketing purposes without obligation of remuneration.
  • One (1) Participant on stage at a time and only for the duration of their winning song.
  • Judgement free zone. No experience necessary. Have fun!
  • No alcohol is permitted on stage.
  • Organizers are not responsible for the actions of the Participants.
  • Organizers reserve all rights to refuse participation at any time without refund.
  • Organizers reserve all rights to remove any individual(s) from the stage or venue at any time for conduct deemed harmful and/or inappropriate.
  • Microphone puff screens will be swapped between Participants.
  • This is considered an auction for a VIP experience. All VIP and Auction rules apply. Information can be found in our Terms of Use.
LyricsPsycho therapy psycho therapy psycho therapy
That's what they want to give me
Psycho therapy psycho therapy psycho therapy
All they want to give me

I'm a teenage schizoid the one your parent despise
Psycho therapy now I got glowing eyes

I'm a teenage schizoid pranks and muggins are fun
Psycho therapy gonna kill someone

Psycho therapy psycho therapy
I like takin' tuinal it keeps me edgy and mean
I'm a teenage schizoid I'm a teenage dope fiend

I'm a kid in the nuthouse I'm a kid in the psycho zone
Psycho therapy I'm gonna burglarize your home

Psycho therapy psycho therapy