News2020 Virtual Birthday Bash Appreciation
2020 Virtual Birthday Bash Appreciation
ya know, when i embarked on this effort with managers Anthony, Dave, and the drummer of my band, Pat Carpenter - who's also a pro digital video editor- we never even discussed what the $ = "budget" for it would be. ..we knew we weren't taking any money for the work; that every one making a clip of a song would be contributing it gratis. so, that meant that every cent that was donated would go straight to the LRF = Lymphoma Research Foundation = via the Joey Ramone Foundation for Lymphoma Research. there was really no budget to discuss - because, unless some unforeseen expense came about, the budget was $0. .. we got about as close as we could, coming in $1.00 above that projected budget - as one song had to be licensed, and was kindly licensed to us for a buck.
so, i'm happy to tell you that this 1hr 20min event raised over $4,100 - with, hopefully, even more to come (donate @ )
it's not what a J-Lo/Taylor Swift fundraiser would bring in, but this event is a celebration of Joey Ramone first, a fundraiser second..and, in that sense it was a huge success.
sincere thanks to:
  • ALL who made clips for the occasion - especially those who took time to perform songs for it.
  • Paulinho Tscherniak for contributing his beautiful image of Joey, all the artwork -- and for sticking with us through countless changes to it.
  • all of you who donated dollars to fund research to find a way kill lymphoma cancer - the beast that ate my brother.
  • all of you who came to watch it and made such wonderful comments...
and those who just came to watch it and be part of this event honoring Joey on his birthday.
.. deep gratitude, from the heart.
- ml